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Eric Siddall is a violent crime prosecutor who knows what it takes to put dangerous and violent criminals
behind bars and keep our neighborhoods safe. Working closely with local police, he helped disrupt violence and take down violent street gangs, including MS-13. Assigned to the division that handles crimes against police officers, Eric has convicted gang members on multiple attempted murders against law enforcement and successfully prosecuted a cop killer.

As District Attorney, Eric will prioritize resources for the domestic violence unit to protect women and children from abusers and predators and establish a Violence Reduction Division to work with other local,
state and federal law enforcement agencies to identify, arrest and prosecute the most violent offenders, gang members and drug traffickers. And Eric will make it a priority to hire an additional 300 prosecutors to address the backlog of cases, get criminals off our streets and secure justice for victims and their families.


Under District Attorney George Gascón's watch, "smash-and-grab" retail theft has increased dramatically. Commercial burglaries increased 29% in Los Angeles County from 2019 to 2022, and the County had the highest commercial robbery rate in the entire state in 2022.*

Eric Siddall is running for District Attorney to crack down on retail theft, protect our small businesses, and keep our communities safe. Eric will use gang laws (California's RICO statute) to prosecute criminals who organize, plan and participate in organized retail theft. And he will work with local law enforcement and business groups to ensure small business owners across Los Angeles County have the resources and support they need to prevent crime.



George Gascón says the District Attorney's office has no role to play in addressing L.A. County's mental health and homeless crises. Eric Siddall strongly disagrees — as District Attorney, Eric will collaborate with local agencies and nonprofits to implement L.A. County’s new CARE Courts to help get people with severe mental health issues off our streets and into treatment. He will support the L.A. County Homeless Court Program, which helps unhoused individuals clear traffic and pedestrian tickets by engaging in services instead of paying expensive fines and fees that further trap them in homelessness. Eric will also direct local prosecutors to enforce laws to clear encampments and protect and clean up parks, sidewalks and other public spaces.

Eric will advocate for greater investment in mental health services and strongly supports creating a new County facility to house and treat violent individuals with mental health issues instead of putting them into jail or releasing them back into the community.


It is unacceptable that gun violence continues to rise in our communities. Parents worry every day as they send their children to school. Families fear what could happen when they go to church or synagogue or other houses of worship. We don't feel safe in malls or movie theaters or even own neighborhoods.


As a violent crime prosecutor and Deputy District Attorney, Eric Siddall has worked with local police to develop innovative approaches to prosecuting gun crimes, which have been used to convict violent gang members. Eric is committed to creating a specialized gun unit that partners with the U.S. Attorney's Office to increase prosecutions and prison sentences for violent criminals with guns. And he will work with Sheriff Luna and local elected leaders to sponsor gun buyback programs to get guns off our streets.

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