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For Immediate Release
November 7, 2023



Immediate Past Vice President of Association of Deputy District Attorney’s is Only Candidate in DA Race With Tangible Plan to Reduce Violent Crime


LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, Eric Siddall, the immediate past vice president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA), and a current deputy district attorney, rolled out a plan to tackle Los Angeles County’s rising threat of violent crime.

Fact: California’s violent crime trend continues upwards diverging from the rest of the nation. This is according to the non-partisan PPIC (Public Policy Institute of California). At this point, Eric Siddall is the only candidate in the district attorney’s race with a plan on how to deal with violent crime in Los Angeles.

Siddall’s Plan to Tackle Violent Crime


Siddall’s violence reduction strategy includes creating a countywide division housed in the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation to collect and coordinate information and prosecute the drivers of violence within the community. Studies consistently show that violent crime is perpetrated by a small percentage of individuals. By devoting resources to these hardcore criminals, we will reduce violent crime while minimizing the impact of incarceration.


This strategy involves taking an aggressive approach to gun violence and possession. In 2021, firearms were the cause of death in approximately 80 percent of homicides in Los Angeles County. Yet, District Attorney George Gascón has taken a lax approach on filing cases when violent felons are arrested with firearms. In 2021-2022, Gascón failed to review 104 cases involving a felon with a firearm. This number does not include other unreviewed cases involving the use of a firearm, including robbery, felony evasion, carjacking, and other high risk violent felonies. In total, there is a current backlog of 13,000 cases presented by law enforcement to the district attorney's office. 


Further, while failed DA George Gascón smashed and slashed the district attorney gang division by eliminating units and reducing it’s staffing by 50 percent, Eric Siddall will rebuild the division and staff it appropriately. This division will jointly work with law enforcement agencies to build cases against the most violent criminals in Los Angeles.


ADDA immediate past vice president Eric Siddall remarked:


“Instead of focusing on smash and grabs or actually prosecuting violence on our streets — George Gascón recklessness has led to smash and slashing of vital resources in the DAs office."


“Violence is trending upwards and the people of LA County feel less safe. On day one as DA, I will use a methodical approach to reduce violence that precisely targets the drivers of violent crime. This includes focusing our resources on those who order and plan violent crime and those who execute these orders. The only people benefiting under Gascón’s watch are those who are getting let off the hook after they cause harm to the innocent."


"Justice must be served to communities victimized by violent crime.”

Notably, Eric Siddall has a history of implementing this strategy on the ground. In the past he has coordinated prosecutions against gangs in South Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. He has led gang takedowns, most recently against Blythe Street, Valerio Street, and MS-13. This included a joint local and federal task force to take down an MS-13 clique that committed brutal and ritualistic murders. Collectively, those takedowns significantly brought down murder rates while targeting the drivers of violence in those neighborhoods.






Eric Sapetto Siddall for District Attorney 2024
515 S. Figueroa St.
Suite 1110
Los Angeles, CA 90071
United States

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