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Eric Siddall
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We Need to Move Forward in a New Direction. One That Prioritizes Public Safety and Sustainable, Responsible Reform.

Eric Siddall


The People of Los Angeles need a reliable partner in the DA’s office. 


As your District Attorney, I’ll work to improve our system of justice for all people and all communities. Under my leadership, we will collaborate with county leaders to address homelessness; and prioritize mental health, real housing solutions, drug diversion and addiction services. And, I'll make it clear to any and all criminals that the George Gascón party is over. 


Too many working families, seniors, women, young people and marginalized communities are living in fear for their safety. Gun violence is rampant. We are facing a homelessness crisis. And the morale among frontline prosecutors and police alike — the people we depend on to keep us all safe —  is at a historic low. 


The time for real change – actually fighting crime and restoring the public trust with the DA's office - is now. 

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